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For schools


We will help you build a full coding framework for your school, or complement it if you already have some parts of it. Here is what we can do :

Intra-curriculum workshops

We come to your school and take in charge the pupils during the school day, for a progressive and in-depth learning of coding fundamentals.

Specifically for FRENCH Schools: we can help you design a primary school curriculum in line with the new requirements of the Education Nationale and with the best of the UK curriculum, in French or in English.

Training for teachers

Ideal if you want to internalise the know-how and develop your teachers!

This training will give them the skills and confidence they need to design and lead their own workshops with their class.


In a fun and creative environment, kids continue learning coding during after-school clubs through projects that further develop their creativity. We can also organise holiday camps specifically for your school.

How can I  customise ?


For activity centres

After-school clubs

In a fun environment, kids learn how to become active creators in the digital world by combining craft and coding.

Holiday camps for 8+ kids

Like an after-school club, but on 3 hours every day for kids aged 8 and over, with off-screen time to allow group interactions, shared creativity and craft creation.

We can also lead workshops in generalist holiday camps.

One-off events or parents workshops

Who said grown-ups cannot learn anymore ? A creative adult is a child that survived !

So we can run workshops for parents who want to learn on the same tools and then create at home with their kids.

How can I  customise ?

For companies


CSR projects

As part of your Corporate and Social Responsability activities, we organise regular or one-off workshops for you to support local communities. It may involve your employees, that we can train to participate in the workshops or become trainers themselves, or you can bring funding to a local project where we run the workshops.

Corporate events

We will organise workshops for children Christmas parties, anniversaries, fairs, etc...

Employees initiation to coding

What works for kids works even faster with adults ! The purpose of these discovery workshops is to give confidence to professionals who have not been exposed to coding before and may be a bit anxious in the digital revolution that most companies are currently going through.

How can I  customise ?

For parents / at home


Birthday parties

Looking for an original idea for your children's birthday party? Look no further: with our coding sessions you are sure to be spot on ! Depending on the age, abilities and favorite universe of your child, we can personalise and create something really special for them.

Sessions last 2 hours, including a break for the cake.

For children from the age of 8, maximum 12 children.

Morning or afternoon fun for curious kids

Don't know what activity to pick for your curious kids ? We can organise regular or one-off workshops for your kids. Just for your children, or groups of friends, we come to your house for fun learning and creativity sessions.

For children from the age of 6, maximum number of children depending on the age and abilities.

Mums and dads rock !

If you want to impress your children or just would like to have activities to share with them, we can show you how to help them start with coding at home. Even if you have never coded anything before! We will share tips on how to foster their creativity, give them self confidence and drive them to becoming actors of the technology rather than passive users. Why not a parents and children session?

Just organise a gathering with your friends and we'll build the training sessions for you.

We come to you in London NW3, NW6 and NW8.


Personnalise your workshop !

We can customise the workshops to your needs. Choose from the following options:


Either one-off for a special event,

or weekly workshops for longer creative projects and a more robust learning of coding concepts

From a quick demo to taster sessions,

45 minutes workshop or up to 12 hours projects  and more !

From complete beginners to practitioners.

We can accomodate mixed abilities in the same group of age.

We take our inspiration from seasonal events, or we can create a project around the theme of your choice.

Some activities are best for smaller groups, others fit perfectly larger groups.

We adjust to your needs!

For children from 6 to 11yo.

We can also propose coding introduction to adult beginners !

You have other ideas? Just contact us to discuss them !

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