In the 21st century, digital litteracy will be an essential skill for work and life. However creativity, problem-solving, communication and collaboration will be equally important for children to flourish and succeed. They don't need to be geeks, they just need to become actors of new technologies rather than passive users.


That's why our activities are not designed only around programming, they also include a good part of thinking, discussion, team work, and.... fun !

No traditional teaching is involved in our workshops: we encourage kids to express their creativity and find their own way, while learning the fundamentals of coding.

And because thinking is only the beginning, they will build things with the own hands and will proudly become digital makers !

We design activities according to the teaching principles developped by the Lifelong Kindergarten team from the MediaLab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

We especially encompass the 4 P's of Creative Learning in our worshops:  Project, Play, Peers, and Passion.

As a support to this pedagogic approach, we will always favor learning tools that offer possibilities of free creation and stimulate the imagination.

Younger children will start programming pet robots without a computer, and will then gradually move to  coding on tablets and computers using icons or blocks of pre-written text. These languages are fun, easy to grasp, and allow children learning faster than when coding in text; so it leaves them more time to focus on imagining, creating and building in the digital world.

Caroline founded CreaCoded in London in 2017. A change manager in the Finance industry, she witnessed how important it was for everyone to be fluent with new technologies. But at the same time, she was desperate to see how children were passively using these ready-to-use technologies and video games, rather than creating new things around them. So she launched the first Cod Cod Codet club in London in July 2017, inspired by the Casablanca Cod Cod Codet Lab. She has been running after-school clubs for children aged 6 to 11 since then.

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